Applicant Self Screen

atsApplicant Self Screen is a convenient and efficient tool that allows applicants to self-provide and enter required personal data for a background check. The applicant receives an email from the employer requesting their personal data. That email contains a link that takes the applicant to a secure site where their data can be entered. As soon as the background check is completed it becomes available for the employer to view online. Time is saved and efficiency is improved by having the applicant enter his or her own data.

  • Applicant Self-Entry: The applicant enters their information from any computer terminal.
  • Tracks Entire Process: The system tracks their reports through every step, start to finish.
  • Applicant Reminders Applicant receives emailed reminders to provide data.
  • Self-Payment Options The background can be paid by for the employer or the applicant can pay by credit card
  • Customizable Messages and notifications can be tailored to your needs.

Great for volunteer and contractor self-screening
This portal is a FAST, EASY, and SECURE value add enhancement that is FREE to our clients

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What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

One of the most commonly asked questions by human resources departments regarding background checks is how to determine which crimes are the most serious. Criminal records found on a background check should be weighed by the particular job position being filled, but the courts do have some general classifications of guidance.  A criminal record may show that someone has either a misdemeanor or a felony and it’s important to know the difference.

 Generally, those who receive sentences for misdemeanors spend a year or less in a local or county jail. Felonies are the more serious of the offenses, resulting in greater sentencing of more than a year in prison or the death penalty.


Examples of Misdemeanors:                                     Examples of Felonies:
Petty Theft                                                                     Burglary
Simple Assault                                                               Aggravated Assault/ Rape
Domestic Violence                                                         Murder/Manslaughter
Indecent Exposure                                                         Arson
Minor Drug Offenses                                                      Drug Distribution
Prostitution                                                                     Fraud

Over the past 20 years CompuFACT has been providing our costumers with cutting edge, innovative products, competitive prices and exceptional costumer service.We offer Criminal and Driving Records, Social Security Checks and Healthcare Reports, along with several other Background Checks. Our criminal records include county, statewide and federal reports, all of which include felony and misdemeanor records. In an effort to continually provide excellent costumer service, CompuFACT will get to know your business personally to help create personalized services.




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