Employment Background Check Services

CompuFACT Improves Your Hiring Process

Call to learn about employment background check services provided by CompufactCompuFACT Research Inc. has provided employment background check services since 1994. Located in St. Peters, Missouri, in the metropolitan area of St. Louis, CompuFACT is committed to providing cutting edge innovative products, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service. The majority of the client base of CompuFACT are employers who have struggled to achieve satisfaction with other background check companies. These dissatisfied employers decided to work with CompuFACT. The hiring experience became much more effective as the employers:

  • Had their hiring process customized to meet their needs
  • Experienced accurate and helpful employment background check services
  • Received reports faster so hiring decisions could be made efficiently

Personalized Service

Professional customer care experts get to know our clients and their unique needs. A customized hiring process is then created to meet the needs of these businesses. Functioning as committed business partners and caring allies, these customer care agents then assist our clients to make good hiring decisions. CompuFACT does everything possible to help employers make the most informed decision with every hire. Our personal service is clearly what makes the experience of our clients so exceptional and is largely the reason why our customer retention rate is the highest in the industry.

Fast Turnaround Speed

Our web-based interactive ordering system empowers employers with instant (microsecond) turnaround speed on a large array of products. The instant reports including Social Security Traces, Commercial Drivers Search, and Credit History Reports, literally enable you to see information about the applicant on your computer screen while she is sitting across from your desk. Traditional, non-instant background checks require manual in-courthouse visits. You will quickly discover that the turnaround speed of our reports will exceed your expectations. CompuFACT provides the industry’s quickest turnaround on traditional reports. This did not just happen, it is an ongoing effort requiring determined commitment that is expanded upon with every new order. There is simply no quicker alternative to CompuFACT.


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