Family Care Safety Registry

family-care-safety-registryYour entire background check and Family Care Safety Registry registration process is completed in one easy step.  No more parceling your FCSR reports to one source and your other background checks to another.  Rely on the industry leader, CompuFACT, to manage the entire process. You gain the security and peace of mind that you are obtaining your reports through a designated agent of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. No more worries when State AUDIT TIME comes around because you will be aligned with the best.

I think the best part of CompuFACT running the FCSR is that I don’t have to log in to register, then log in a few days later to request the actual screening once the employee is in the database, then wait a few days and log in for the THIRD time to pull and print the results. It is all accomplished with just one easy click of a button! CompuFACT takes care of all the grunt work with allows me to spend more of my time on value-added tasks for my organization.~ Stephanie Szoko, Hidden Lakes – Lutheran Senior Services


  • Statewide Criminal Record
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Child abuse/Neglect Records
  • Employee Disqualification List (EDL)
  • Employee Disqualification Registry (EDR)
  • Child Care Facility Licensing Records
  • Foster Care Licensing Records

CompuFACT Advantages:

  •  Easy – Confusing and time consuming FCSR “Registration”, “Screening” and “Results” procedures are combined into one step that takes only one minute to accomplish.
  • Bundled – Streamline your screening process by obtaining all your background checks through one simple and economical source.  All completed reports are time stamped and stored for convenient online retrieval at any time, immediately or for review years later.
  • Due Diligence – Our system guides you through the entire process keeping you compliant with DHSS and other government entities. Let our helpful professional staff be your support desk. CompuFACT helps you feel confident at audit time.

Turnaround:  Most are returned on a “Same Day” basis.